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10 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important to Small Business

10 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important to Small Business

Here are 10 big reasons why content marketing is important to small business success. With nearly 3 out of 4 web searches occurring on a mobile device, here is how you can be seen quickly.

10 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important to Small Business

The beating heart of any digital marketing campaign is Content Marketing. Provided you have a truly mobile-responsive site (or even better an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) website, Content Marketing is the very best method to increase your Digital Footprint on Goggle and Bing who collectively have over 97% of the search market. More importantly, on mobile devices (both Android and Apple) Google has 94% of the search market. And since now, mobile searches make up 74% of Google searches, we will concentrate on Google Best Practices.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important to Small Business

10 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important to Small Business - Web It

In order to help you better understand the importance of content marketing, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 reasons why Content Marketing is important to small business:

Increase Web Traffic

10 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important to Small Business - Increase Website TrafficWhen a business blog is set up correctly (on a real website – this can’t be done on the DIY site-builders) each blog post becomes it’s very own page on your business domain. And Google indexes pages.

Business websites with blogs have an average of 434% more indexed pages than those without. And when each of those pages will have SEO for specific keywords relating to your industry. On top of this, Google tends to prioritize fresh content. If you have a static website with no new pages you are missing out on all the search traffic that has to do with your industry, but does not include your specific business name.

The more content you have on your site, the more pages the search engine bot has to index and show to users in their search engine results.

Improve Brand Awareness

In a recent study, 74% of consumers prefer getting to know a business through articles instead of ads. This explains why only 20% of consumers have ever clicked on AdWords in a Google search. They would rather read the organic returns. The best way to capture this market is with Content Marketing. Utilize a marketing firm that can use the Google Keyword Planner to see exactly what consumers are typing (or saying) when searching and direct your content and subsequent SEO efforts to increase you company’s exposure across multiple types of common searches.

Only Content Marketing gives you the chance to be effectively be seen on a particular search term.

Build Trust

10 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important to Small Business - Build TrustIn today’s busy digital world, it’s vital that businesses work to build trust with leads and customers. And building trust helps your business establish a positive brand reputation. They go hand-in-hand.

If you work with a firm to craft a consistent message with your core values in mind, you will show your potential customers that you know exactly who you are. You show that they can trust you.

Show Your Expertise

Consumers want to know that they are dealing with experts who know the solution to their query. This is another answer to why content marketing is important to small business. Content marketing allows your company to demonstrate its expertise in the industry, while providing valuable knowledge that can help consumers make a more educated purchase decision.

When it comes time for a consumer to make a purchase, they will remember who provided them with the information they needed to better understand their problems, solutions, and options.

Better ROI

10 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important to Small Business - Better ROIEven if you outsource your content marketing to a firm, or even hire someone directly to produce content for you, it’s still considerably less expensive than other traditional forms of advertising.

In fact, content marketing typically costs about 62% less than traditional outbound marketing tactics. Because content marketing is so effective,it can drastically reduce the money you spend to market your business. And, it manages to do all of this while being more effective than traditional marketing.

Content Marketing is less expensive and more effective than many other inbound marketing tactics such as PPC , as well as most, if not all, outbound marketing strategies.

Longer Impact

Compared to any other type of paid advertising, where your reach dries up completely as soon as the campaign stops running, Content Marketing has a shelf life that shames a Twinkie. Again, since you have set up your website and blog correctly, Google is now indexing your content marketing posts. And here is why Content Marketing is important to small business – these stay in the Google index as long as the website domain stays up. So while other types of digital marketing such as PPC like AdWords use up a predetermined budget, end and disappear — this isn’t the case in the organic listings.

One of the biggest benefits in Content Marketing is that content, and associated URL’s, stay in the index for years and years.

Boost Organic Search Visibility

 10 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important to Small Business - Increase Search VisibilityFact: Company size has absolutely nothing to do with getting your content to rank in the search results.

What does matter is quality, relevancy to the topic or query, and Google Best Practices SEO. This is where it makes more sense to hire a firm, as they can show you the success they have had with their clients, through a simple Google Search. And again, since only SEO firms with Google Adword Accounts can access the Google Keyword Planner, they will know exactly what search terms in your area are being queried, then they can design a Content Marketing Program to address those searches, as well as employing SEO to boost the post in the search returns.

Content Marketing with Google Best Practices SEO is genuinely the ONLY way to boost your visibility in the organic search returns.

Keep Your Website Fresh

When you’re regularly adding content on your small business website, you’re producing an ongoing stream of fresh new content along with fresh new links pointing back to older content.

When Google has to weigh which content to show to search users, this can increase the odds that your content is selected over a competitor. But it’s not enough to just have fresh content. The content you create also needs to be relevant to your audience, provide real value, and the text, coding, images and/or video all need SEO.

Why Content Marketing is important to small business – Google likes fresh content, and the best way to please Google, is to feed it.

Throw Out A Wider Net

10 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important to Small Business - A wider netFor the vast majority of small businesses, one must know the business name to bring up the website in a search. Content Marketing throws out a much wider net. By directly addressing the keyword searches that your potential customers are typing (and now often speaking) your business will be in front of active buyers. And be sure to incorporate long tail keywords into your Content Marketing. All the research confirms that the more intricate the query, the more active the buyer is.

In other words, Puma Sneakers is a keyword. Puma Clyde Blue Suede Sneakers is a long tail and is a more “active buyer” as they are looking to purchase something specific.

Promote Without Selling

While can be true that your products and services are a valuable solution for your audience, your customers may have issues beyond those directly related to your product and service.

Content marketing lets you provide significant value beyond your products and service, giving customers more reasons to pay attention to you. And because you will be sharing this information on social media (free backlinks from authoritative sites) this drive even more traffic to your website.

Take Facebook for example. Many businesses post on Facebook. And when a consumer clicks on an image it just gets bigger. Wrong. Click on a picture should take the consumer directly to your website. Again, this is why it makes a great deal of sense to hire a firm that has experience in Content Marketing.

Content Marketing has two primary channels, Google Search Engine Return Pages (SERP) and Social Media. Any click on either should lead directly to your website, increasing traffic and increasing conversions.

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