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10 Signs You Need a Website Designer Fast

A well-designed, mobile-responsive website is a must-have for business owners of every type. Here are 10 signs you need a website designer fast.

Web It 101 – 10 Signs You Need a Website Designer

Here at Web It 101, we have not one, but two clients, that have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars with website developers, only to get nothing in return, For months. And months. And months. And then they contracted us.

Unless you are CNN, we can’t think of many websites that will put you anywhere close to nearly $100k, Real website designers don’t charge those kind of rates.

But how do you know if you should spend anything?  Here are 10 Signs You Need a Website Designer, and Fast!

The Top 10 Signs You Need a Website Designer (and Fast)

you need a website designer if you built your own website10. You Built it Yourself

If you built your own website on a web platform like Go-Daddy, Wix, Weebly, or any of the dozens others that are out there, apart from the fact that you will never, ever, own your site or its contents (read the fine print), the real drawback is that in a way, it’s similar to having a business Facebook or Google Plus page.

Think about when Facebook updates algorithms, policies, news feed penetration, or even the look and feel of Facebook. The same thing happens to your website on those platforms when they update. Worse, many times after an update, all company websites from a “build-your-own” will all disappear from Google. Not for hours or days, but for weeks and months. Do you honestly want people NOT to find you on Google? Get a real site. And Fast. Speaking of Google…

9. It’s Not Showing Up on Google

Not showing up on Google? You need a website designer fast!All the Build-Your-Own Websites have very, very basic (to the point of being negligible) SEO. Any effort you take to get off those platforms is a real improvement.

Google, and other search engines, regularly update how the best search results are generated. So if your website search ranking is low, the SEO strategy on your website is likely out of date.

In a nutshell, SEO (search engine optimization) is what helps search engines find your website. By using Google best practices and keeping on top of search engine algorithms, as well as SEO Best Practice “do’s’ and “don’t’s”, a good website developer will likely have your website ranking higher on Google and generating more organic traffic.

8. You Don’t Update the Content

If it’s difficult for you to update your website, or you just don’t ever update it (with new content), Google considers it a “static” site, and that is a negative flag in the ranking algorithm. Simply put, Google likes active websites. Additionally, a strong, regularly-updated website will keep customers coming back. Regular updates and new content keep your search engine ranking high and can show that your business is still not only active, but an authority as well. (See Our Guide to Content Marketing)

7. It’s Slow

you need a website designer if your site is slowIf a website is taking too long to load, people will lose interest. With a slow-loading website, you are in danger of your visitors giving up and leaving and with website speeds constantly improving, it only takes a couple of seconds delay for your visitors to want to look elsewhere.

There may be a number of reasons your website is performing slowly, but to prevent further loss of customers an update may be overdue. And lose Flash!

Adobe Flash is a common sign that your website is out of date.

Not only is Flash not supported on mobile phones and tablets, desktop users need to install and keep their Flash plugin up-to-date in order to even see it. Search engines like Google, aren’t able to read the Flash content which makes it difficult for your website to rank well in a search engine.

6. It’s Difficult to Navigate

User experience (UX) is key. If customers can’t find what they are looking for on your site, they’ll quickly choose to look elsewhere.

Navigation should be simple and intuitive. Great navigation entices visitors to explore the rest of the website, while poor navigation will turn them away instantly. While there are a number of contributing factors to a poor website experience, poor navigation will harm your chance of conversion.

If specific pages are difficult to find and your contact forms aren’t bringing your results, it’s time for an update.

5. It “Looks Old”

you need a website designer when your site looks oldThere are plenty of ways you can tell your website is out of style. If it has anything flashing or blinking, uses tables, not taking advantage of CSS, non-transparent logos and a host of other visual clues that forces a visitor to wonder for just one moment “are these people still in business?”

Your website design is more than important. Visitors are more likely to trust and buy from a well-designed website than one that looks out of date. It’s also important to understand that great web design isn’t just for the sake of looking good. The implied trust and authority of a well designed website will improve your business credibility and help guide the customer though the sale. If your website is visibly dated, you could be suffering.

4. Your Website is About You

For a long time, websites were all about your company and what you do well. Today, it’s about solving a problem. Today, your website should be written, optimized and focused on your customers. It should be focused on your market. It should show how to solve a problem or issue. In short, it’s not about you. There is a page for that. It’s called “about”.

marketing-1466315_12803. You Are Not Getting Leads From Your Website

If you are not getting leads from your website or from SERP (Search Engine Result Page) it is definitely time for you to rebuild your website from the ground up. Your website should make contacting you a breeze, it should be gathering information from interested visitors and more. If you aren’t getting visited, then it is not doing its job. And if your website is not directly plugged into the appropriate social media channels, it’s crippled. Social Media drives traffic (leads) to your website.

2. You Don’t Like It.

Sometimes a gut feeling about your website can say it all. But think about this. If you are not happy with the way your website looks or performs, you can bet the farm that you are not the only one who feels that way. We know it is a bitter pill to swallow when you realize that you must redesign your website after you spent money on it a few years ago. But understand that companies change their websites every few years, if not every few days (that’s called Content Marketing). It’s important to stay on top of new technology, coding and online methods of driving traffic to your website. 

and speaking of technology….

The #1 sign you need a website designer.

It Doesn’t Work on Mobile

need a website designer - Mobile-friendlyThe understatement of 2016. Today, smartphones have made the internet infinitely more accessible and Google searches more convenient.

Fact: In May 2015, Google made two earth-shaking announcements. In early May, they announced “a significant” change to the search engine, favoring mobile responsive websites over “desktop” sites in searches. Then, two weeks later, we learned why they penalized these older non-responsive websites. Google announced that in the US, there were more searches in April 2015 on phones, than tablets, laptops and desktops combined. 

And it has not only stayed that way, it has increased. A year later? Over 60% of searches on Google were on smartphones.

If your website does not automatically reformat to the size of the screen that pulled up your website, and you force users to do any “pinching and zooming’ you have lost them, perhaps for good.

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