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8 Reasons Why Your Business Blog Sucks

Here at Web It 101, we all too frequently see plenty of reasons why your business blog sucks. 

8 Reasons Why Your Business Blog Sucks

Not having time is no longer an option. Your Business Blog is the genesis of your content marketing. A more tactical approach is now required to turn passive readers into email subscribers, social followers, repeat readers, and then eventually customers. And professional SEO is needed to reach the active buyers searching on Google (and to a lesser extent Yahoo and Bing).

Here, in no particular order, are 8 big reasons why your business blog sucks.

  • reasons your business blog sucks - no sharingNo Share Buttons

Come on…really? Really? Whoever built your website really dropped the ball. Isn’t that the primary reason to have a business blog? So people can share content?

  • No Images

Hello? It’s 2017. We all have broadband and 3/4G. We can handle some images. Having images, at the very least a feature image, makes your content more shareable. And lose the clip art. Why are you posting content with cave drawings when your competitors are uploading video? At least take some photographs!

  • NO SEARCH - reasons your business blog sucksI’m Back, (but I can’t find that post).

So I have scrolled and scrolled to find a post I saw a couple months ago, now that I have saved up the cash. But I can’t find it now. Use categories or tags will you? Please?

  • You Only Post About Once a Month

Exactly how often do you think I am coming back to see if there are some new pearls of wisdom from your blog, if you only post once a month or worse. If you can’t update your blog at least a couple times a week, forget about it, pull over into the right lane and let your competitors breeze right by you.

  • Your Blog is Boring

Your business may seem boring to you, but your blog should be anything BUT boring. Write about topics that may interest me, not ones that interest you. Keep me engaged and entertained. Which lead us to…

  • It’s Not About You

Surprise! 8 reasons why your business blog sucksThis may come as a surprise, but….Stop talking about yourself, It’s not about how good your product or service is. How does this affect me? Give me something I can use in my own life. Facts, stories, how-to, not boring stuff about how many speaking engagements you’ve had or how great your product or service is. How does it help me?

  • Your Writing Sucks

We’re not talking topics, we are talking typos. misspellings, punctuation errors and the like. This just signals that you don’t care about your readers. But this happens because…

  • 8 reasons why your business blog sucksYou Spend Less than an Hour on Each Post

While it’s possible to write a great business blog post in 15 minutes, we can tell you with a very high degree of certainty, it doesn’t happen very often. The best business blog posts take anywhere from 2-8 hours.


You are not sharing that content through social media channels that will drive potential customers directly to your website.

Today, content marketing is all about crafting content so compelling that other people want to promote it by linking to it or sharing it, which increases your trust and authority and helps you to rank well in search engine results for certain keywords.

Here at Web It 101, we expertly craft blog posts for many different types of businesses ranging from services, products, training, non-profits and more. Taking the time for keyword research, SEO for SERP (Search Engine Results Page), social optimization and more that go into each and every post, because content marketing is the most powerful form of marketing in 2016 and beyond.

But only if it’s done correctly.

So if you know the reasons why your business blog sucks, then do something about it!

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