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Does Anyone Use Business Cards Anymore?

Business cards seem quaint.  Like shoe sized cell phones, keeping the yellow pages by your home phone, Polaroid cameras….heck, even Kodak cameras.

Well…Of course we still use business cards.  You can’t work the floor of a show (like the recently concluded CES) without them.  Why?  They have your web page printed on them.  Google reports 97% of your customers look you up on the web.   Google My Business

You certainly want your customers to see what you do, who you sell to and why they should buy from you, right? When was the last time you updated your business cards?  When was the last time you really updated your web page?   Even more important, when was the last time you updated your web “presence”?

Web Presence.  Over half of “time spent on media” is time spent on the internet.  Movies, TV, book reading, magazine reading, listening to the radio all added together, don’t equal time spent on the internet. Your businesses web presence speaks volumes about you before customer interaction occurs.   Search engine optimization works hand in hand with web presence to enhance your digital marketing effort with minimal effort.

Redesigning your web page is a good start.  This is the year to make sure it is “responsive” to each and every mobile device (Google announced it’s officially over 50% as of this May).  Integrate your company web site with the appropriate social media, so first time customers can contact you from their preferred site. Fine tune the Google search results (SEO) for your business to “own that first page”, globally and locally.

So the next time you meet a potential customer, think about what happens 97% of the time after you hand him your business card.