Can You Automate SEO?

Can You Automate SEO

Can You Automate SEO? – In short, No. There are tools you can use to make the manual process easier, but those website-builder SEO packages are pretty much worthless.

Can You Automate SEO?

Can a program rename you picture files to match a given keyword? Speaking of pictures, what exactly will that program put in for the alternate info and the description? Or the caption?

Will a program populate hidden tags in the HTML code of your video landing pages, specifically Facebook’s OpenGraph tags,’s microdata tags? Create a proper Twitter Card?

And worse, most programs will populate the H2, but not the all important H1 or the (sub) H3. And will it generate a “Rich Snippet” for Google indexing? Or even a basic snippet with a call to action that will appear under the URL in Google search returns?

No, No No and No.

Can You Automate SEO? No.

Can You Automate SEO

Are there tools that make all this and (much) more a bit easier? There sure are. But can you automate SEO? Nope. And those that insist they can do this for you are telling business owners a very big lie.

Heck, there isn’t even a single SEO “automation” program that can even generate a proper URL.

And while paying a low monthly fee to automate your Search Engine Optimization and get customers for your business seems like the Holy Grail, well, it is more like a moon shot next week.

Heck, you have to manually put in tags and categories for Google, how is a program going to pick the right ones as they pertain to your products and services?

And we have barely scratched the surface here.

So those emails you get, the phone calls, and the promises made by the dozens of  the “build-your-own-sites” are lies. Why? All the above are called Google Best Practices.

And again, while there are tools (some better than others) that help you do this (like insert code) it’s a manual process.

At least if you want to follow Google Best Practices.

Can You Automate SEO? – A Case Study

Can you automate SEO - Case Study

Here at Web It 101, we concentrate on Responsive Website Design and Content Marketing.

One of our clients opted for a website only. Then they got a call about “marketing”. For the low monthly fee of $50, this company would make “behind-the-scenes” changes to his website coding that would focus on different keywords.

Now most anyone who doesn’t know anything about SEO would even wonder if it makes sense to keep changing the keywords on a single website URL. They would be likely to wonder if that would mess up Google. And they would be right.

But something even odder happened.

You see, we built and host the site. Sure, we really did share the password with this “company” (after warning the client of the danger). But a funny thing happened.


You see, if there is but one character changed in the hundreds of lines of code, it backs up the old one. So the next time you log on, you would existentially see two versions of the same site. Which makes sense if the change you made creates an error on the page for instance.

And there has not been one change to the website in over two years. But he pays the $50 every month, looking to get that holy grail.

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