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Content Marketing In Spartanburg – Grow your Google Footprint

content marketing in Spartanburg

Webit 101 provides affordable content marketing in Spartanburg SC and the surrounding upstate SC area along with Google Best Practices SEO. Google Partner.

Content Marketing In Spartanburg – Web It 101

Nearly every day, Google updates their search algorithm. Nearly every week, Facebook updates their algorithm and forces more businesses to pay to reach local customers. And sometimes, it indeed feels like every website builder company or SEO or social media consultant is now suddenly a “content marketer“.

What is Content Marketing?

content marketing in Spartanburg - Google Best Practices SEO

Marketing comes in 2 basic forms. Push and Pull. That loud auto dealer commercial during the local evening news? That’s Push Marketing. Out for a drive and using your phone to search Google for a local towing service because the “drive” came to an unexpected stop? That’s Pull Marketing.

Content Marketing is a little push and a whole lot of pull. For a deeper dive into Content Marketing in Spartanburg, read our Small Business Guide to Content Marketing

Can You Do Content Marketing in Spartanburg Yourself? Sure. Will it work?

Not Likely

One of our clients grew revenues over 600% year to year after a full year of our efforts here at Web It 101. But DIY Content Marketing? Ask that same client who was doing it for a year before we took over. The “Publish and Pray” method is entirely hit or miss, and sadly, more miss than hit.


There are two primary reasons most companies fail at DIY Content Marketing

Simply put, the real value in Content Marketing is not getting a Facebook “like” or a Twitter “re-tweet”. The real value and the ROI is when a customer finds and contacts you from a Google Search. And the best way to get there is to be sure that post has Google Best Practices SEO from top to bottom.

Will Content Marketing in Spartanburg Work?

For example, we have a security company in Tampa who is on PAGE 1 when you search for “event security in Tampa”. And that is how you get the stadium security for the SEC football game in January and the big ESPN private party before the championship game. And that is just one of dozens of PAGE 1 search returns for various search keywords in a major metro market for that client.

Just imaging for a moment what we could do for your content marketing in Spartanburg.

Google Best Practices SEO – Affordable Content Marketing – Grow Your Online Footprint

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