Be on the web, Not Caught in it.

Want to build your own website without the headaches, hassles and limitations associated with the Chinese finger traps known as “build your own website” or DIY? We hear you! Custom, responsive website design at “build your own pricing." The difference is enormous, the price is not.
Additionally, unlike the forever pricing model on all the build your own sites, our packages have end dates. It’s yours. We understand small business, so we don’t believe that you should pay for a website all up-front or forever. Don't get caught in the black holes known as GoDaddy, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Voog, Websitebuilder dot com, Sitebuilder dot com, Webs, Vistaprint, 1&1, iPage, Web dot com, and all the rest forever and ever.

Be Seen

If your website fell in the forest, would anyone hear it? Unlike “the build your own”, our website designs have full blown Google Best Practices SEO. Unlike the SEO blocks that GoDaddy and all the other DIY website builders put in place, your site will have no restrictions from the “GoogleBots” that index your pages for search returns.
By using Web It 101 for your website, it will feature global and local SEO, including tags, categories, descriptions and alternate info, on images, video, PDF’s, Company Logos, (all blocked by DIY) and everything else that is important to Google (and Bing).

Content Marketing

“If it’s not on Google, it doesn’t exist” is a widely known quote from Jimmy Wales, a fellow that started a little site called Wikipedia. Take your site to the fast lane with content marketing. There is Content Marketing and there is Optimized Content Marketing.
Web It 101 wants you to know that when it comes to having a well-optimized web presence that’s visible to search engines, Optimized Content Marketing is the Alpha and Omega of those efforts — more specifically, it’s written, relevant, informational content pertaining to the phrase a user just typed (or spoke) into Google, Cortana, Siri, or Alexa.

Get Connected

In 2016, your business, regardless of the product or services offered, needs to be connected. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and more. Absence from these platforms sends the wrong message and far too many people search for businesses “Off Google”. That is to say many choose to look for products and services through searches on social platforms.
If for no other reason, that alone is worth it. Since hashtags were introduced, searches on social platforms has increased, though to a mere sliver of Google which has ¾ of the search market. In 2013 businesses spent $5.1 billion marketing on social media. In 2015 that tripled to over $15 billion. That says it all.
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