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Over the past few years, the technology surrounding the internet has exploded. First there was the birth of the IPhone and Android. Then it hit critical mass in May 2015 as Google announced the US is 1 of 10 countries where phone Google searches surpassed desktop, laptop and tablet combined.

A Massive Move to Mobile

First, and most important, the seismic change from staring at a monitor to carrying the web in your pocket dictates that your site absolutely needs to be “mobile responsive”. A few years ago, a business had a “static” website. They were text heavy and light on graphics due to mobile bandwidth issues those days. Today, the successful websites are “dynamic”. They have movement, video, active blogs, links to social media. They have “rich content”. Your static site on Go-Daddy today is a postcard from about 5 years ago.


Google Ranking Changes

Web It 101 knows that Google rankings are the lifeblood of a website. The higher the Google organic rankings for a website, the higher it will show up in the Google keyword and long-tail search results. The importance of a website for a business can be boiled down to Google rankings. If a potential customer searches for a product or service offered by a business and they are high up on the Google search results this contact typically can result in a sale. However, if the website is not updated, has old or non-existent SEO, or is built on an online DYI website builder, that business website is usually quite far down in the Google rankings, this potential customer will probably never translate to an online sale because you don’t appear.

Simply put, most business owners think “I googled “XYZ Siding and Roofing” and I am on the first page.  Great. But they rarely sit at their computer and type in various keyword and long-tail (phrases) searches. That’s what the SEO folks do when rebuilding a site. Besides that, most business don’t even know their non-mobile friendly website is being penalized by Google in the mobile rankings even almost a year after the fact.


Customer Needs Should Come First

In addition to Google rankings, the customer needs today dictate a strong website. New website ideas are constantly being updated, and customers want the businesses they interact with to have the best website possible. Take a look at Elan Capital Inc, who has a new website – it’s a perfect example. For many customers, the importance of a website for business cannot be overstated. There are many customers, such as millennials and savvy baby boomers that tend to make their purchasing decision based on the website and its functionality rather than the value of the product or the service that a business is offering. For a moment, forget Google Rankings.
Why penalize or discourage customers with a non-mobile friendly site, purely because of the device THEY CHOOSE to access the internet with? Why use old outdated ideas in an exploding market?
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