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Long Tail Content Marketing For a Small Business

Benefits of Long Tail Content Marketing for a Small Business

The biggest benefit of long tail content marketing for a small business is simple – These web searches are generally farther along in the buying cycle, and easier to convert.

Long Tail Content Marketing For a Small Business

Today, SEO is the art of meeting internet searchers at the point of their needs. Google calls this micro-moments.

In 2017 and beyond, keywords are one of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal. Keywords are essential to the success of any website or project online, and even more important to content marketing.

But, long tail keywords specifically, can make the difference between an amazing website and a mediocre one.

Long Tail Content Marketing For a Small Business – Some Basic Definitions

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Google is trying to become a destination for people to get answers. Much like you’d ask a friend “What’s the weather in Seattle today?” you’d expect your friend to give you an answer, and not a list of websites to click on to find an answer.

It’s obvious that Google is also heading in that direction.

long tail content marketingFirst up, what is long tail?

Simply put long tail keywords are the more narrowly focused keywords for your product, service or location.


  • Keyword – Puma Sneakers
  • Long Tail – Puma Blue Suede Tennis Sneakers


  • Keyword – Guitar Lessons
  • Long Tail – Best Beginner Guitar Lessons


  • Keyword – Bodyguard Training
  • Long Tail- GI Bill Bodyguard Training in Tampa

When looking at your list of long tail keywords, consider what your most focused customers are looking for optimal success.

And when using long tail in your marketing, the traffic that comes to you is more more highly motivated, because they have specified where they are (locality), who they are (beginner or veteran) and what they are specifically looking for (Puma Blue Suede Tennis Sneakers!).

The benefits of long tail content marketing for a small business

  • Easier to rank well on searches then simple keywords (fewer websites competing for a phrase)
  • Help build your authority – work on basic keywords later
  • Enjoy higher quality website visits
  • Capture a niche market then pitch your other products/ services 

Now I have a friend up in Seattle. She is an avid hiker. I have more pictures of waterfalls and from the tops of mountains in the state of Washington on my messenger feed than I ever suspected I would. And while most friends send pics of pets or what they are having for dinner, she sends pics from the top of mountains around northwest Washington.

But let’s start there.

Let’s say your business provides guided mountain hiking tours in Seattle. Certainly, you would want to get tourists traveling to the Seattle area so you might look at “travel” as a keyword.

But that means you are facing completion from Yahoo, Travelocity, and every ticketing site out there, flights, ocean cruses, and more which have nothing to do with hiking.

So now, you look at “mountain climbing’ and are buried in the search page returns by About, Wikipedia and even the US Forest Service.

Your Long Tail Keywords for Content Marketing

  • Washington mountain climbing tours (I know there are mountains here, but I don’t know the names)
  • Beginner hiking tours in Seattle (I really haven’t seriously hiked before)
  • Guided mountain hiking tours in Seattle ( I don’t want to get lost)
  • Mt Rainier family climbing tours (I want to take the kids)
  • and potentially hundreds more

And if your competitors are not doing any long tail content marketing, you will stand a very good chance at landing on a fair number of first page search returns.

And it goes without saying…SEO plays a huge role in long tail content marketing for a small business.

Managing long-tail keywords is simply a matter of establishing better lines of communication between your business and the customers who are already out there, actively shopping for what you provide.

But how do you focus on potentially hundreds of keywords on a single business website?

Content Marketing!

Marketing comes in 2 basic forms. Push and Pull. That loud auto dealer commercial during the local evening news? That’s Push Marketing.

Long Tail Content Marketing for a Small Business - Content Marketing works in a consumer time of needOut for a drive and using your phone to search Google for a local towing service because the “drive” came to an unexpected stop?

That’s Pull Marketing.

Content Marketing is a little push and a whole lot of pull. For a deeper dive into Content Marketing, read our Small Business Guide to Content Marketing

Long Tail Content Marketing for a Small Business with Structured Data and Rich Snippets

Google now urges website owners to include structured data markup in websites and blogs for Rich Snippets.

Rich Snippets are “enhanced” search return page listings. They can be reviews, recipes, events and more.

Here is one for an event.

See how the Google listing grabs the address of the training from the website post as well as breaking out the training date below the listing as well as including a second URL that leads directly to the page to buy tickets.

affordable website design in spartanburg scThat is a perfect example of how long tail content marketing with structured HTML data for Google Rich Snippets can get picked up and displayed for search users to consume.

By marking up the HTML in webpages using vocabulary from schema.org, webmasters can help their websites become eligible to display rich snippets in search results.

While Google does not guarantee that rich snippets will appear for any site, incorporating structured data markup makes it easier for search engines to crawl, parse and display your page content.

Long Tail Content Marketing for a Small Business - Google search returnsRich snippets are not rich cards that appear at the top of the listings. Rich snippets are a completely different animal. They’re applicable to more content types, and they’re displayed inline with ordinary search results. That means even if you’re not in the top handful of search results, rich snippets can help to increase your traffic and make it more targeted. And your website may be eligible for rich snippets even if you’re not in the small group of content types that currently allows rich cards and answer boxes.

No matter what type of website you have, no matter what type of business you own, Web It 101 long tail content marketing for a small business can give you the traffic you need.  When used appropriately, long tail content marketing is one of the best weapons in your marketing arsenal and can turn an underachieving site into an authoritative site.

And it’s this extra effort we give our clients here at Web It 101 day in and day out.

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