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Mobile-Friendly Responsive Website Design in Spartanburg

Now we know there are DYI website builders that don’t offer any SEO, let alone Google Best Practices SEO. Maybe they are OK for your little league team, but please, find any real business who built their business on the back of a Go-Daddy or Wix site. You can’t.

shotz responsive website design in spartanburgThen there are the local web builders. Instead of picking a template on Wix or any DIY builder site, they pick a template on, typically WordPress. Now that’s is a bit better since WordPress powers over half the business sites out there. But most couldn’t write a single line of custom code to customize that template for a customer.

And even more so, we are willing to bet that very few know how to write any HTML5/CSS3 code for 100% custom website design in Spartanburg.

More to Responsive Website Design in Spartanburg Than Meets the Eye

One last word about the “build your own” site builders. Well, it’s great that you can “drag and drop” and make a site. It might even look pretty good. The real SEO (Search Engine Optimization) problem is the sloppy coding behind these sites. It’s what you don’t see that Google crawls to index for SERP (Search Engine Return Pages). And it’s not unusual at all for thousands and thousands of websites totally disappear from Google.

It’s what’s behind the curtain

affordable website design in spartanburg scThe problem is that Google updates it’s search engine almost daily. And there are hundreds of updates every year. Sometimes they update and POOF your DYI website is gone. The appeal of Wix, and the rest lies in its affordability and ease. Wix’s easy-to-use site building process eliminates the need to hire website development experts, making it an attractive option for start up businesses hoping to save money. Unfortunately, because all Wix sites use one main platform, when one Wix site starts having problems because of coding issues behind the curtain, all Wix sites are likely to suffer a similar fate.


Affordable mobile-friendly website design in Spartanburg

There is a reason we have built websites as far away as Florida, Texas, Virginia and more, including overseas. We get referrals. 

And we do content marketing which gets us even more referrals. Not sure if we know Google Best Practices?

But we would love to show you what we can do for you.

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